Tuesday, June 15, 2010

final elevators

Angela Merkel elevator

Miranda Kerr elevator

Angela Merkel elevator is on the right hand side. Her elevator is very formal due to her work.
On the opposite site Miranda Kerr elevator. The two elevator is connected with each other through a tunel in between.
Unlike Merkel elevator, Kerr elevator is more opening to the outer space which can help she gain power due to communication with social society.

dining table

Real time image captures

Overview shot of the scheme, Angela Merkel office is placed in the middle of the bridge. Angela Merkel has a great power which is very balance and stable. She carries with her a lot of pressure. Therefore I put her office in the middle so that her power will help to carry the bridge. The big arcs wall surrounding her office represent a hand figure. It resemble her type of power, protect everyone.

Her office is placed on top of everything else in the scheme. It helps her to control and observe everything sorrounding her office.

Miranda Kerr office on the left hand side is designed to have a studio for her to practice her job, a backstage. Her working place is mostly open space for media to come and visit since her power and success mainly come from the media. The open spaces in her studio help her to communicate with the outside in order to get gain popularity and power.

The idea behind the ‘S’ form bridge is Yin and Yan. Both Mirranda Kerr and Angela Merkell have great power and success however great power also come with more pressure. The more power they gain, the stronger pressure they have to live with.

The first floor in Merkel office where she will have meeting with social media

The dining table is placed in the middle of the waterfall. It shape consist of two parts. A higher end is Angela Merkel place. Again, her power is all about controlling and stay stable and high above everyone else. The lower part is Mirranda Kerr place. Her power is not as great as Merkel. The curve of her chair resemble her body – the source of her power

Angela Merkel Office

Miranda Kerr working place

texture used

crysis war files

Note: for elevator: Miranda Kerr elevator: press U: down and H: up
for Angela Merkel elevator: press P: go to dining place
N: for bridge level
L: First level - meeting place with media
K: Second level - Angela Merkel office

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